Below is a list of projects which involve ohmage-omh.

  • Hip and Knee Orthopedic Surgery (pre and post surgery)

    Stephen Lyman, Ph.D, HSS

  • Arthritis and Back Pain

    Vijay Vad, MD, HSS

  • Painless RA Survey(ohmage)

    Vivian Bykerk, MD, HSS

  • Pain Levels from Back Surgery

    Lisa Witkin, MD, WCMC

  • Urology Post-operation Problems

    Heather Yeo, MD, WCMC

  • RA, Genomics

    Dana Orange, MD, NYGC/Rockefeller

  • Urology Surgery Post-operation Recovery Line

    James Hu, MD, WCMC

  • Geri Gay

    Geri Gay, Ph.D., Cornell Ithaca IS

  • Obesity and Nutrition Project

    Erica Phillips, MD, WCMC

  • Weill Cornell Medical Center Residency Program

    Lia Logio, MD, WCMC

  • David Erickson, Ph.D, Erickson lab at Cornell University, and Elizabeth Grace Rey, Ph.D, Cornell University

  • Elizabeth Wood, MS, WCMC