ohmage-omh is an open-source, open-architecture, mobile health platform intended for rapid prototyping and piloting of mobile health applications. The system consists of downloadable applications for both Android and iOS, and a secure Open mHealth compliant data store.

Participants of studies run specified mobile applications on their smartphone (Android 3.0.x+ and iOS ). A data storage unit securely stores the information from the participant under their separate account. ohmage-omh supports Open mHealth (omh) read and write APIs. The Admin dashboard retrieves data from the database using the omh read API in accordance with the access credentials of the logged-in user.


Visual tool for affect/mood self-report

PAM, the Photographic Affect Meter is a one-touch assessment of mood and emotional state. Developed by JP Pollak, Phil Adams, and Geri Gay from Cornell Tech and Cornell University, PAM has been rigorously validated as a measure of affect, intended for frequent or unobtrusive use where longer form measures such as PANAS or POMS are not feasible.

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ohmage is an end-to-end platform for distributing data collection surveys and acquiring survey responses from participants.

The ohmage app supports simple surveys with reminders. Researchers author surveys in JSON or send text based surveys to our team for conversion.

The Android version of ohmage mobile is still in beta. Please contact us at ohmage.omh@gmail.com if you need ohmage mobile Android support for your study. We hope to have a stable version of the application within the next month or two.

Please note that our applications are currently implemented to function properly only when location and mobile data are left enabled at all times that the phone is turned on. We do not currently support robust operation when these services are disabled (other than when the phone is turned off)

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Manage user data

The admin dashboard is a web-based interface that enables the researchers (or clinicians) to setup, monitor, and retrieve data from authorized participants of their studies using a specified set of mobile health applications.

If you are a researcher that would like to get started using the dashboard, please let us know and we will help you get registered in the system. Contact us at ohmage.omh@gmail.com.

Third-party Connectivity

Integrate with other services

Data from commercial applications such as Moves or Fitbit are also accessible on ohmage-omh through the use of Open mHealth shims, with the authorization of access by the participant.

Mobility-omh (Exploratory*)

Continuous passive measurement for activity and location

Mobility-omh is a support application for ohmage-omh that adds personal location tracking and activity classification (e.g. still, walking, running, etc.) Mobility tracks and uploads location data to the ohmage-omh server. Visualizations and statistics are then computed and made available on the dashboard via the ohmage-omh DPU.

*This app is no longer actively maintained.
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