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We’re creating the apps and infrastructure to put your small data to good use for you.

The Building Blocks of Small Data Apps

Creating Access to Your Data for You

Small Data is the myriad of data traces we each generate everyday. Unfortunately, that data is often unavailable to us in a form that we can make sense of or act upon. Imagine a special kind of app running in the cloud that privately and securely turns your small data into big insights.

Open-Source and Modular

We've designed our infrastructure and apps to be modular and reusable so that they can be remixed and repurposed for new services and platform architectures. And everything down to the front-end UIs of our small data apps are Open Source. Fork away.

Developed Through Applied Research

We're not just building tools and services for theoretical use cases and "what if?" scenarios. Through our collaborations with researchers spanning behavioral economics, healthcare, human computer interaction and policy we iteratively develop and evolve our services to address issues and problems in the real-world.


We're going beyond recommendation engines to services that contextually parse your small data to provide the right insights at the right time, to help you make (hopefully) the right decision. And as for the data that drives these insights, we take the utmost care and precaution with regards to its security while advancing architectural frameworks that maximize transparency and individual control of small data usage.

Meet sdX
Creating community infrastructure for small data apps and services

EAF - Email Analysis Framework The EAF is a personal text analysis framework that focuses on extracting statistics and structured information from private text sources, such as email, generating inferences about the internal state of the user in terms of the frequency and style in which they communicate with others. The EAF is middleware, in the sense that it does not perform visualization or predictions on its own; instead, the computed data are provided to third-party applications at the user's discretion, through a fine-grained per-application access control which is a core part of the framework.
Lifestreams Lifestreams is a streaming processing framework for small data. It consists of modules that retrieve data from various sources (ohmage, Moves, Gmail, etc) and transform them into meaningful information in real-time. While still under active development, Lifestreams has been used to drive a dashboard for monitoring the mobility of chronic pain patients, as well as Ora, one of the Small Data Lab's upcoming apps.
ohmage ohmage is an open-source participatory sensing technology platform with companion apps for iOS and Android. It supports expressive project authoring; mobile phone-based data capture through both inquiry-based surveys and automated data capture as well as temporally and/or spatially triggered reminders, data visualization and real-time feedback; privacy respecting data management; and extensible data exploration. All captured data are automatically timestamped, geocoded and uploaded for analysis and visualization.
Context Context is an Android app that collects contextual information from your phone, including screen on/off events, app usage, phone calls and SMS records, and web browsing history. The collected data is uploaded to ohmage and processed by Lifestreams to extract meaningful contextual information.
We only collect the time and length of your phone calls and SMS, and DO NOT record calls or read the SMS content.

Small Data Apps

Small data powered services that solve real problems in the world and create new experiences

Let's take a quick walkthrough Pushcart's email experience.

1. Set Your Goal
You set your nutritional and health goals around your eating habits.
and Calibrate Pushcart to Your Household
By sharing some basic but important details about your household, Pushcart gets smarter in its feedback and recommendations.
2. Easy to use
With a personal custom Pushcart e-mail, autoforwarding your order emails is a snap.
3. Effortless e-mail Reciept Handling
With your Pushcart e-mail setup, your receipts are processed seamlessly and effortlessly.
4. Clear Feedback
Get clear data analysis and feedback on your grocery purchases and how well they map to your health goals.

Say Hello to Ora

Share with your friends and family how you're doing, not what you're doing


Ora receives and emits very simple signals when you are out and about in the world. It's like ringing a little bell to let your friends and family know you are well.


You can share your Ora with as few or as many people as you would like. And they can do the same, building uniquely personal circles of friends and family connected to one another.


We've taken the time to make sure you have control over your privacy. Share as little or as many signals as you would like with specific people in your Ora network.

The Small Data Lab Team

Faculty and Staff
JP Pollak,
Senior Researcher-in-Residence
Lauren Shaw,
Study Coordinator

Aaron Baum,
Michael Carroll,
Diana Freed,
Lucky Gunasekara,

Graduate Students
Faisal Alquadoomi,
PhD Candidate
Andy Hsieh,
Phd Candidate
Fabian Okeke,
PhD Candidate
Longqi Yang,
PhD Candidate

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